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Coco, Bandit & Penny

Our first adoption was Coco in 2005. Coco came about after our puppy, Ally, was in an accident. Coco's role was to rehabilitate Ally, and motivate her to move around. They quickly became friends; you couldn't find one without the other. Coco enjoys hiking and long walks. In February 2013, our family decided to volunteer at ARF. It was then that we discovered our goofball, Bandit. Having done cartwheels and backflips in his kennel, and scaled every imaginable fence, we were ready to take on this challenge. He has taught us the most about commitment, patience and dog ownership. He is now the most gentle, most polite mellow boy. Bandit enjoys hiking, and snuggling most. His floppy ears brings a smile to our faces every day. A year later, in the cold winter, came in a little pup named Penelope. For a young pup, we were amazed at how well she handled herself; her calm demeanor was admirable and outstanding. She would be the fourth member of our pack. Penelope has captured our hearts. She is a working dog and a valued member of our family. She enjoys swimming and kayaking most, but close by family is where she's most happy. So many memories with these great dogs and we are forever grateful to ARF.

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