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Hello from one of our rescue kittens

I want to thank everyone at ARF for rescuing Stanley (aka Velcro) and taking care of him until I adopted him on 7/3/15. He's a sweet, crazy, funny little guy. As of yesterday at the vet, he weighs 4.75 pounds and is growing like a weed. He's long and lean and his big front paws with extra toes make him look like an adorable awkward kitty clown. Watching him swat his toys reminds me of a professional soccer player the way he can get a full grip on the ball.

My 4-yr old dog is fascinated by Stanley at a distance until he looks at her. One glance from him and she stops dead in her tracks. She won't even go down the stairs if he's at the other end. Stanley gets on well with the 3 adult cats, especially Lulu (12-yr old) who mothers him. They sleep together most of the time (despite this heat) and she's always cleaning him. He chews on her head, legs, tail, and neck, stalks her, and attacks her while she's trying to catch some sleep and she tolerates him. Pretty amazing as he still has his razor sharp kitten teeth. The pictures below are of Stanley and his adopted mother. You can see how much he's grown in just the 3 weeks between the two sets of pictures.

Thank you again to everyone for taking such good care of Stanley. I adore him and he's a wonderful addition to the family. Please share the photos with everyone who helped raise him.


Elisabeth and Stanley

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