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Make a convenient donation through PayPal in any amount you are comfortable with. Thank You!

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Make a convenient automatic monthly donation through PayPal and please select an amount you are comfortable with. Thank You!

Donation by Mail or as a Gift for a Special Occasion

Please send your check made out to the Animal Rescue Foundation, 366 Main Street, Terryville, CT 06786. Thank You!

Leaving a Donation in my Will

For more  information regarding leaving a donation through your will, please visit our Estate Planning page or email us with any questions below.

Thanks to you, the volunteers and generous donors we are able to  operate the Animal Rescue Foundation on 100% donations. We do not receive any taxpayer funded grants or aid. Every dollar we receive comes from dedicated community members, volunteers, private businesses and private grants. Both our board of directors and staff are 100% volunteer, this includes everyone from maintenance, to dog and cat care, fundraising, book keeping and management. Each and every volunteer has their own family, career, schoolwork and animals in addition to their time donated at A.R.F. Some of our positions even require as much time as a full-time job, and we are fortunate enough to have such dedicated volunteers that nobody ever complains. We do what we do because we love our cats and dogs…..


Our vet bills take up the majority of our operating  costs; however we also have the normal utilities,  a mortgage payment, and food to buy. Without selfless individuals and families like  you we would be unable to continue operations and unable to provide safe, warm, and loving help to animals in need. We never let any of our animals go without the medical care or training that they need, and are proud to be able to provide the best possible care with the help of the most generous, compassionate, and talented veterinarians, vet-techs and canine-trainers in Connecticut.


In April of 2012, we were able to re-open our doors as a result of both our hardworking volunteers and donors. The rising costs of construction, and economic turmoil, made this project exponentially difficult and we are eternally grateful for our supporters for making A.R.F. possible. Our shelter can accommodate up to 25 dogs and 30-40 cats, and has proved to be more efficient, and animal-friendly than we ever could have imagined. As you can imagine, the expense from veterinary care and food alone is costly. We need your continued support and donations to continue our mission and to ensure we always have enough funds to keep our shelter at full capacity.


We still need your help!  Please consider submitting a donation on this page. Donations can also be madeon an automatic monthly-basis. If you would like your donation to be made to a specific project, animalor area please feel free to designate that in the comments section, or send us an e-mail!


Thank you again for your continued support and generosity!


The Board of Directors

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